I start grad school on August 14th at Columbia College in Chicago. Am I excited?




Am I nervous?


helllll yes.


Columbia was my number 2 school since I know someone who graduated from the program and has immersed herself with opportunities that I could only dream of! But, due to my procrastination, I also only applied for ONE grad school which was Columbia. It was a decision out of confidence and courage. I knew I wanted Columbia so I put all my eggs in one basket.

Now I have been accepted. With a week left, I still need to buy my books, camera equipment, a new laptop, a backpack and other things! On top of that I need clothes because we have to dress professionally for class all the time.

Moreover, I am out of my momma’s house! SO, I have to budget for food and bills and life essentials, G.

all with a part time job :)!

so this is my official introduction into budgeting and being broke and beautiful! literally, I have no other choice but to cook all the time, ride the CTA ( y’all know I don’t have my license..yet!) and just ball on this budget. so I am creating a budget based on how much I make each month with my job, and subtracting the potential expenses ( groceries etc)

fun fact also, I am using some $$$ from loans to pay for the books and equipment! it will all work out, tho right?


I will let you know how my first week of grad school goes in the meantime!