kehlani released this song called “24/7″.

in this song, she says ” I don’t know nobody that feels like their somebody 24/7″.

we all have those moments when something doesn’t seem to go right. we all have those moments where you do not feel as beautiful, or as intelligent or you don’t feel.


and that is okay.


“pretty things break too”.


in high school, I found myself as the person that tried to always look at the positive side. but let’s be real, there is no positive side to every situation. in life, there seems to be a guilty associated when someone chooses to be upset. society tells us to just “get over it” and learn to let things go…but it is okay if you don’t. it’s okay to be sad, for no absolute reason at all. it’s okay to be mad. it’s okay to want to be alone, to go for a drive, or just to cry. to be honest, I do not feel okay everyday. lol, I have a few days when it’s nothin but gold then nothin but grief. this would be because of a few reasons, stress or when I think too much. ykno?

but I had to accept that, that is okay.

whatever you need to survive, it’s okay to break down.

it’s okay, as long as you get back up.


mental hygiene is very important.  please know that you can not pour from a empty cup. so when you are empty, recharge the best way you know how.